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One of a Kind Vintage Silk Re-Creations. 

Greensewn re-purposes hand selected vintage silk saris into gorgeous one of a kind scarves, wraps, and accessories.

Chai Jewels is a bohemian-luxury line of talisman jewelry using natural precious and semi-precious stones and recycled metals.



In 1997 a bit of serendipity led our founders to a village deep in the Indian Himalayas and the local women "Sari-Wallahs" who barter with housewives for their old silk saris. 

Luxurious, eco-friendly vintage sari silk seemed like a business opportunity. Using connections from previous careers in the shoe business,  a line of sandals with interchangeable silk sari straps named Tia's was conceived and launched. Over time however, it became clear that scarves were less seasonal and a fuller use of saris, and thus Greensewn scarves were born.  


We are passionate about beautiful, sustainable and ethically produced products.   Creative re-purposing is the most environmentally friendly production method possible. Our people and planet friendly process for recycling vintage silk uses a tiny fraction of the energy and resources typically employed in the production of mainstream commercial fashion. 


Help us Plant a Future

In todays world, widespread destruction of forests has destroyed habitats and is a major contributor to climate change. Sustainable agriculture and re-forestation of degraded lands is essential to the long term health of our planet. Since 2010, we have supported Trees For the Future, ( by planting a tree with every purchase.


Thank You!

We know you have a choice, and appreciate your shopping with us. To our thoughtful and ethical customers, our sincere gratitude for choosing Greensewn.


Greensewn Team




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