Dear Aunt Gaia,

My girlfriend and I are strangely competitive. We are both female lawyers for a prestigious firm in LA, and not only are our politics and gender similar, so too is our sense of fashion. We both try to keep it simple, buying high-end vintage clothing whenever we can, but in this situation, there is typically only one outfit. We are the same size (7) and we often have our sites set on the same piece of clothing. Both stubborn, we often leave the boutique frustrated and empty-handed. If one can’t have it, the other one won’t buy it. But we both lose out, and we both feel bad. What makes this worse is that we’re both in mediation.

Stubborn Lovers in LA
Dear Stubborn,
Now both of you listen up. You’re not the first upper-class lesbians to face this and you won’t be the last. Share the outfits! It’s a win-win-win. You get to wear it, she gets to wear it, and you’ve only purchased one outfit for two people. It sounds like the problem lies deeper than just fashion. Rivalry is not uncommon in relationships—in any intimate relationships. Mothers and daughters can be rivals. The same goes for a husband and wife. Perhaps you would benefit from couples’ therapy or, dare I say, someone trained in mediation? You must have peers who could offer some advice. In the end, you both can look good and cut down on consumption.
-Aunt Gaia

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    “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” — Edmund Burke

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